Katherine Guinness

is a theorist and historian of contemporary art. She was Assistant Professor and Director of Art History at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS), where she also served as the academic director of the downtown Gallery of Contemporary Art (or GOCA). As of 2023, she will be a Lecturer of Art History at the University of Queensland. She received her PhD from the University of Manchester and is the author of the first academic monograph on German artist Rosemarie Trockel, Schizogenesis, which was published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2019. She is a guest editor for Art Journal Open and is the co-founder of FEARS, the Female Emerging Artist Residency Series, at UCCS.

Katherine has taught in a wide range of departments and programs across the globe, including the University of Sydney (where she taught a class in “Digital Arts” in their Digital Cultures program), the University of New South Wales (where she taught Architectural History), North Carolina State University (where she taught in their Art History and Women’s and Gender Studies programs), and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (where she taught a number of First Year Seminars in Art History). She is interested in many topics within contemporary art, all of which she examines with a feminist lens, and is currently working on projects that include: the relation between anesthetics and the history of aesthetic theory; “zaniness” in contemporary Australian performance and video art; death, immortality and digital media in the work of a number of younger video artists; and a project on the political economy and visual culture of social media influencers.

The above image is a meme by @cyborg.asm on Instagram, referencing the article “Do You Really Want to Live Forever,” which was coauthored with Grant Bollmer. The original meme can be found here and the article can be found here.

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The Feminist Interview Project, organized by Katherine Guinness and Jocelyn Marshall on behalf of CAA’s Committee for Women in the Arts, examines the practices of feminism by interviewing a range of scholars and artists, preserving oral histories while expanding the boundaries of what might be considered feminist. Throughout its interviews, this project reimagines the possibilities of feminist practice and feminist futures.

Currently Published Interviews Include

Christine Sun Kim in Conversation with Tabitha Jacques

For the inaugural interview published Art Journal Open, the Feminist Interview Project presented artist Christine Sun Kim in conversation with Tabitha Jacques, director of placemaking at Gallaudet University. The two met for a conversation over Zoom, spanning locales from New York to Berlin.

Senga Nengudi in Conversation with Daisy McGowan

For the second collaboration with Art Journal Open, the Feminist Interview Project presented artist Senga Nengudi in conversation with Daisy McGowan, director and chief curator of the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Gallery of Contemporary Art. The two met for a conversation in Colorado Springs on January 21, 2020.